The world of Moustaches & Glasses makes you part of a very special black-and-white story where the line between reality and the photo so fine that you can barely feel it. Our philosophy is simple: we are a keepers of old school straight and truthful photography. That is why we represent a bright and well recognizable genre of Straight Photography. Pictures made in this technic, absolutely exclude preliminary statement of a shot and the following retouch. The drawing attention composition of a shot is reached only at the expense of a phenomenon of "Turning-point", the term once introduced by great Henri Cartier - Bresson.


NIKITA STUPIN - Russian-Canadian photographer. Founder of a creative street photography crew "Moustache & Glasses". Adept of the classical Straight Photography style. Behind the back of the photographer are more than 25 exhibitions, both in Russia, and in North America and the USA. Besides international venues, Nikita Stupin's exhibitions have gone over with success on "Red October", in Fotoloft Gallery at Winery, Artplay gallery and other art platforms in Moscow.

At the heart of his thin insight and unique approach to work not only his talent, but also his degree in the field of clinical psychiatry.

Nikita is the member of the Russian Photo Union, international organization of photographers of Group 7, the teacher of faculty of the photo of Institute of Arts Education (Moscow), Toronto Film School (Canada) and MOMMA (Moscow). Ex. member of the international organisation Fujifilm X-Photographers, ex. ambassador of the Fujifilm Europe. The author of multiple publications on the Street photo and a phenomenon of Straight Photography, and also author's own technique of "contactless shooting" for Eye Shot Magazine, Eye Magazine and Street Photography magazine.

Currently Nikita is an official RICOH Europe ambassador and a creator of MnG Uncommon Tours. Portugal




Birch Libralato Gallery Toronto 2011

YYZ Artists’ Outlet Toronto 2011

Scrap Metal Gallery Toronto 2012

Power Plant Gallery Toronto 2012

Artplay Club Exhibition Moscow 2013

"Moments" D.E.V.E. Gallery Moscow Jan 2014

"Open City" FotoLoft Gallery Moscow Oct 2014

" Intimate Diaries" Artplay Moscow Jan 2015